Sunday, 11 January 2015

Why abortion is so evil?

1) Because the abortion is a form of accepted crime.

2) In Paris died a few people and 3,3 millions got on the streets in Paris, across the country and in other cities of the World, but much more children died in the world these across the world days and nobody protested for it.

3) Abortion is a form of crime that even governments give aid for it.

4) Nobody goes to prison for abortion.

6) There are legal organizations encouraging couples to do abortion, some of them receive money from the governments or other NGO's.

7) Abortion is considered a right. How crazy is it! Someone has the right to kill a person for any reason.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

The virus of superficiality

We live in a time where one of the strongest temptations is superficiality. If we take any realm of our life we discover how affected we are of superficiality.

Children go to school and are asked to make their homework from Internet sources, which is very superficial. Copy-paste is very easy, but thinking is a little bit harder.

We adults have tablets, laptops, smartphones. We read on Internet, we comment on blogs, we spend our precious time on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Time is passing by much easier when we stay in front of a computer in virtual world, but it's harder when we stay to reflect and do something responsible in real life.

In church activities there is no doubt how much we are affected by superficiality. Only the fact that so much music and entertainment are required today is a sign that shows the trend of Church members to superficiality.

Superficiality is like a virus, which sooner or later becomes a kronical illness. We tend to justify our new way of life, visible affected by superficiality virus.

May Lord Jesus help us to correct us before it could be too late.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Just a Thought

True but rejected so much in Christianity today.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Why normal people pray for revival and the pastors not?

This week I was in a congregation as guest. The brother who invited me introduced me to the church after the prayer service. While in the prayer service I was very curious what emphasis the local church has for prayers. As normal and usually, brothers and sisters praied for their needs, for their leaders, for missions, for the sick, etc.

Suddenly I heard someone praying for a revival in the church and in the country. Oh God! Many people desire that, fewer pray, but I rarely hear church leaders to pray for a revival.

I sometime preached about revivals and leaders were turning my message upside-down. Very rarely someone admits we need a revival in our churches. I actually have read about a church leader from the traditional church who publicly opposed any type of revival and was joyful that evangelicals do not receive the so much waited revival.

You need to be dead and blind if you do not admit publicly we need a revival as evangelical. Without a refreshment of the church we risk to deepen more in spiritual blindness.

Yet for pastors and church leaders is very hard to admit the need of a revival, because they need to acknowledge their failures in some cases and the bad tendencies of the churches.

They also need to admit facts and figures. This produce more wounds in their hearts, knowing how many are nominal Christians, how many live a double life, how many have problems in the church despite the fact the were declared born-again Christians, and probably they are not, but more they anything if a revival come, things will shaken from the foundation.

The pastors and church leaders who don't pray for revival became accustomed with the situations and they don't imagine God can solve so many things when a revival comes. It's like a sick body which lost the hope of healing, so for so many it's either way.

For church leaders is more hard to admit the failure because of the rename of the church and their personal rename. Also if they would encourage people for a revival, services must be changed. Prayer time need to be extended, music and entertainment shrunken.

The cost of the church will change, today church spends much on superficial things like entertainment, games for youths, trips and camps, large investments, etc., if we would like to have a revival we need to invest more time in prayer which is not easy. People can easily donate money but will be much harder to invest their leisure time in prayer.

In Ephesians is written what kind of servants God appointed in the Church, apostles and prophets are in the top of the list, by the contrast with today where artists and professionals tend to dominate the churches. It's more popular for the churches to have singers, but if we want a revival we must change what promote in the servants God appointed with the gifts God gave them.

Oh Lord Jesus, send us a revival of the Church through the Holy Spirit!

Thursday, 20 November 2014

What is missing in the evangelical modern worship style?

I was in a Eastern country in an evangelical church. I could not believe what I heard. It was the time of sing and worship. The song leader was repeating over and over almost the same sentences while the drums were hitting in our ears. See, the accent is very much on what youths like today and the major question is if fits to their style. Its not about what God likes, its about what youths like.

Yes, these people imported the super noise style from the US in order to convince us that,  this is the normative of our day in matter of worship. Yet myself being in a such noise congregation was not a big problem, who is me to say that I did not feel ok. The problem is not about our feelings, but rather, is this biblical? Reflecting on this matter, while visiting more then one church, suddenly I realized that in all this there is something missing. Music was there, noise was there, emotions were there, what else? Superficial prayer! So much noise, but only a few words of prayer. So I wonder myself, how can a church be supernatural with so much emphasis on superficial worship?

The noise suppresses the Word in prayer and in music. When you get in such church you get the impression the congregation is almost deaf. Spoken words have almost no utility, drums take over, and they have a repetition of a few words made us believe we are children in first grade.

Another thing I consider missing in contemporary worship style is reverence. Prayer should provide us moments of corporate communication with God and reflection. Also we need to have reverence before God in worship. In modern style, everybody seems to be very casual. There is no sigh of reverence in such infernal noise in the modern churches.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Who has the true wisdom?

In the Bible, the apostle Paul asks the question: Has not God made foolish the wisdom of this world? When we look at the surface we almost do not agree with the ancient writings of the Bible. 2000 years past by, oh this world is so emaciated! We have so much technology, medicine, science, education, space industry, etc.

Yet all men realizations fade in front of death, no one from this earth could find a way to escape death. In all human inventions, of course there were many things done in order to escape death, but in many cases life was extended for a little bit.

In the first line of men priorities, health and life is a major priority along with many ways to make this life very comfortable. Also in human's priorities science occupies an honorable place. Man himself could not resolve the death problem, nor will, but we all are brought to this point so we can reflect so much about what will happen afterlife. We all need to capitulate when it comes to this matter, no one can have the answer. We need to admit that man cannot provide an answer to a 2 year old child and even to a 80 years old man.

Here God's wisdom overshadows any human elite, any science man, and spacial engineer, all must humble admit they have no solution afterlife for someone not even for them. The richest man in the world will not be able to find a solution afterlife.

So you'd be the smartest in the world, if you'd be very smart in technology, if you'd have a lot of money, if you'd fly in space, all these are not able to give a minimal solution to afterlife. There is someone who can give a solution, but so many people are so smart, rich, or educated, so that will make them refuse the solution.

Back at the beginning, God intentionally made this world foolish, so we can find the most important solution at Him. He stripped this world out of most vital solution: humanity afterlife, so only Him exclusively can provide us the Solution: Jesus Christ who died for our sins!

Friday, 10 October 2014

O plastic, wooden or metal cross instead the real one

If you grew in Europe or in other democratic "Christian country", you've seen others or you carried a little metal or other material made cross. Also in my country there are many crosses posted at intersections or in other public places. When people pass by, they make the cross sign, which is in a sens a form of worshipping to the cross.

Cross, it was one of the most horrible instruments of death in the antiquity. Jesus was sentenced to die on a cross made by the Roman soldiers. After 2000 years, cross is no longer a despised form of death in our nations. So in a sense, the cross is not meaning too much for Christians or pagans.

But Jesus never asked to worship to a wooden made cross posted in a public place or to carry a little representation at our neck. He asked us to take a cross much more difficulty to carry, much more difficulty to die on. It means sufferings and mocks we receive for associating with Him and proclaiming His Name in the world.

Carrying this type cross for many is form of craziness like Paul says in 1 Corinthians 1:17-24.

Cross in our spiritual life means a death to the world of pleasures and sin, and life with Jesus, it means an identification with Jesus who died for our sins, we also are called to suffer in the world making possible the spread of the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So don't worship the cross, but carry it, not carry a hand made men cross but a spiritual one composed of sufferings for Jesus sake.