Tuesday, 13 October 2015

To judge or not to judge?

We hear many Christians saying that according to the Bible we are not allowed to judge others. But this is one of the most simplistic way to resolve judgement problem. Yes, there is a huge tension when we apply judgement to others, and that's only because of the Bible verses. We may have many reasons when we judge others like: love (being very subjective) or hate, jealousy, envy, pride etc. So we could be wrong.

But let's suppose someone makes a crime. What will happen if we don't apply judgement in a such case? So we say, this man committed a horrible crime, but we are not going to say anything. But, supposedly he commits it again. And this time we ask a officer or lawmaker to judge this person. Supposedly those persons will reject the task because they fill guilty for their own sins. So everything goes in vicious circle.

In the end salvation is based on judgement. Nobody will accept salvation without an awareness of guilt. See everything can become subjective. You may say: Why this speaker talks about sin and guilt? Is this not a judgement? The answer is yes, it's a judgement based on the Bible's teachings likewise sometime people can judge others based on culture, national laws, community rules etc.

Only God can apply the right judgement, but are we ready to face our own deeds?

Monday, 12 October 2015

Why Romanian Orthodox Church promotes idolatry?

Romania is considered a Christian Orthodox country. Despite the fact that main label is "Christianity", Romanian people worship relics, bones, icons, saints and more then everything Mother Mary. The most religious people are worshiping those things.

Why Romanian have an idolatry religion?

Firstly, because idolatry in Romania is promoted by Orthodox Church. The whole theological system is based on lessons of idolatry. Students are taught over and over about traditions that emphasize different realms of idolatry.

Secondly, in the real life Orthodox clergy makes a lot of money based on idolatry. Every  celebration brings some kind of income to the priests. They sell icons, crosses, prayer brochures, candles etc. Idolatry brings a lot of money to everyone involved.

Thirdly, popular tradition and superstitions generate idolatry. A lot of people in Romania don't read the Bible. They practice their religion because their parents did. So most of the things they practice are not challenged. Most people don't ask " Why should we do this or this"? Whenever someone dares to ask questions about some practices, the defenders use all kinds of superstitions to scare people. Also most people are content with the system as long as money resolve their spiritual problem. They think if paying the priests and doing some good things will be enough for their souls.

So, why idolatry in Christianity? There is no more simpler response then this: money. Without money, idolatry will not function, and without the help of the priests probably will die quite soon, but they established it. The clergy knows that idolatry is a way to keep people in darkness and in ignorance while they and the religion system flourish.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Tell NO to sexual education of children

We don't need the State and the politicians to give our children sexual education, it's not their job. Their job is to give laws that stops sexual indoctrination of society overall. Their programs stir up young children to become interested too early in sexual life. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Christian Refugees Are Begging the West to Save Them From Persecution, Says Syrian Church Leader

Syrian refugees (Photo: Reuters/Dimitris Michalakis)
A Syrian refugee carries a young girl moments after arriving on a dinghy on the Greek island of Lesbos, September 10, 2015. Most of the people flooding into Europe are refugees fleeing violence and persecution in their home countries who have a legal right to seek asylum, the United Nations said on Tuesday.


Saturday, 19 September 2015

Again, is Islam a religion of peace?

In last decades millions of Muslims left their countries and moved in the West. One of the most absurd claim of Muslims is: Islam is a religion of peace, or a religion of love. Many western politicians adopted that sentence and use it quite often. 

Paradoxically, although true Christianity always claimed that ISLAM is a false religion, secular media and many politicians claim that Islam is peaceful, a religion equal with Christianity. Wake-up politicians from the West! You rejected the true God and will be fed with a false religion, you will have to pay the fact you rejected true Christianity and fruits of liberty governed by moral values inspired from the Bible.

Most conflicts from Middle East and Africa show one thing: Islam cannot offer peace without tyranny. All leaders from Middle East must enforce their leadership through fear, war, persecution and slavery etc. When these dictators loose their power everything transforms in chaos. They slaughter one another in the name of Allah. Islam radicalization makes more criminals, more sexual slaves, more ladies raped, more decapitations etc.

ISIS contributes so much to develop the true image of Islam. Many politicians said over and over in last decade that Islam is a religion of peace. Yet nobody can deny what ISIS does. They claim that what they do is the true practice of Islam, and it is. Moderate Muslims must admit they are not the true followers of Muhammad, his was a warrior and such should be his followers.

Yet, what ISIS doesn't realize is they contribute so much to degradation of image of Islam in the world. Like Catholics in Middle-age, even today Catholicism must pay the price of their horrible behavior in contact with Protestants and Anabaptists. History cannot be easy erased, and more then that ISIS documents their own crimes and atrocities. Most crimes ISIS did were posted on internet to serve as propaganda tool. But the world reacted against such atrocities. 

Even the fact most Muslims choose democratic countries tells something about the true face of Islam. Why this religion cannot offer any protection for millions fleeing war in Middle East and North Africa? Why so many Muslims support ISIS and go from Europe and SUA to fight  in the name of Allah? Why rich countries from Golf don't receive millions of fleeing Muslims?  Sure, most of my questions cannot be answered even by Muslims scholars.

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Jesus, the only way of salavation

Acts 4:12 (ESV)  And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.

South Korea: Suicide Nation

 Elderly people of South Korea are facing difficulties and are abandoned by family. Society cannot bring hope to so many people trying to take up their life every day. It's one more proof that eastern religions have no hope afterlife.


Friday, 28 August 2015

Why do I believe Holy Spirit baptism is important?

There were many debates in evangelical circles about baptism with the Holy Spirit. Often Christians from different denominations get stuck in this debate and sometimes even embarrassed. Yet John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus taught a lot about it that sometimes it's hard ignore it without intention. That's why I believe that Holy Spirit baptism cannot be ignored easy unless someone prepare a certain set of arguments against it. It's sad that many well-known evangelical leaders did their best in some cases to combat their congregations form receiving the baptism with Holy Spirit.

Why baptism with Holy Spirit is important for Christians?

1) Because it was taught by John the Baptist who was baptizing people in water but said someone (referring to Jesus) is going to baptize them with Holy Spirit and fire.

2) Because Jesus promised apostles that they will be baptized with Holy Spirit after His ascension.

3) Because it happened according to the words of Jesus, 10 days after the ascension of Jesus, the apostles were baptized with Holy Spirit.

4) Because the apostles themselves asked that those who believed in Jesus and repented must receive the Holy Spirit, in that days it was a natural expectation of the Church.

5) Because baptism with Holy Spirit it is a way to receive spiritual gifts like, speaking in tongues, prophesying, the gift of healing, the gift of knowledge etc. 

6) Because all biblical accounts lead us to conclude that is a normative for the Church and not something exceptional or only for the first period of the Church.

7) Because all prophecies from the Old Testament were fulfilled in this promise: God pouring out His Spirit not only on some elected Jewish people but on everyone who believe in Jesus, His Son.    

Friday, 21 August 2015

The expressions of individualism in our time

Back in 18 and 19 century in western world the individualism was expressed through colonialism,  through slavery and the desire to control riches. But today, perhaps one of the most powerful expression of individualism is sexuality.

This strong wave of sexuality combined with selfishness leads the modern society back to primitive behavior or profound unhappiness. More and more people will consider homosexuality as normal. Humanity ignores normality in marriage (a man and women), and considers normal all combinations: man with man, women with women, transgender man with man etc. When we ignore the rule of heaven given by God is like saying He did a mistake ordering the law of marriage.

I am afraid that this form a individualism expressed in gay marriage is a warning that God allowed us to hurt ourselves like in the past. History repeats itself just in different way. All the time pleasure must have its limits, we cannot do everything we like, we cannot do even what others would like to do without considering God's moral laws.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


There are similarities between the Bible and Koran that's why some believe that Christianity and Islam have a lot to do in common.Yet there are some irreconcilable contradictions between them.
Let's take one for instance. In the Koran Jesus was never crucified and never died on the cross.
In the Bible all four evangelists (Mathew, Mark, Luke and John) say the same thing, then in the Book of Acts, also in all letters of the apostles it is said the same thing.

1) First, here is the strange thing: in the Bible we have so many witnesses saying the same thing, according to them Jesus died on the cross and was risen form the dead and then ascended to heaven, yet, after 600 years, a man  gets out from a cave and says that's not true. Although in the Bible all things are inspired, we consider that that a lot of Bible content was not written through dictation from God, it is a history with many accounts. History is history even in the Bible, although biblical history is giving account about God's people!

2) Most Islamic scholars contradict some details from the Bible and never as a whole from the beginning, although later in discussion they try hard to dismiss the authority of the Bible. One of the Islamic claims that Bible has been modified throughout centuries. Everyone can claim the same thing about Koran. Yet what is amazing about Bible that we have thousands of manuscripts that can prove anytime Bible's authenticity. Not the same thing we can say about Koran. Read about it more here or here.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Quotes 05/08/2015

There are things within Christianity which can become a pleasure in our life, for instance listening Christian music,  yet Jesus didn't tell us to do the things we like the most, but things which fulfills the will of the Father.

That's why sometimes this implies taking the cross and following Jesus, because we can go alone to fulfill our purposes but not God's. Only Jesus can lead us on the path of fulfilling God's will through all difficulties and obstacles. 

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Quotes 02/08/2015

We live in a world where society cries louder and louder that Bible and its teachings are not anymore valid for this generation.

This could be a sign that God is evicted from people's lives under the pressure of sinful pleasures. Yet sooner or later Christian based societies will find out the huge mistake they made.

Remember you those who reject God; He is the source of everything, even pleasure was created by Him that's why He established some rules for it so we don't become slaves of it or to destroy other people's lives for our pleasure.

Saturday, 1 August 2015

The new Holocaust in 21'st century

In Middle East and North Africa started a new type of Holocaust. It's first Holocaust in 21'st century. Like 70 years ago, when millions Jews were killed by Nazi regime, ISIS a nationalist Islamic organization and other Islamic terrorist organizations are doing of fast process of extermination of Christians and other Muslims who do not fit the profile of their ideology.

There are similarities and differences.

One difference of today holocaust compared with 70 years ago is that now is made in the name of Allah for Islamic ideology. Hitler did for money and revenge.

Also, ISIS is doing part of this Holocaust for money and power. They confiscate a lot of goods, sell a lot of oil, and protect drug networks in order to share some profits with them. In killing always man sees a possible fortune, otherwise killing will not so appealing.

One of the questions that was constantly asked decades after Holocaust was if the Western powers could do something to stop Hitler doing such atrocities. And again we ask and probably many will ask later, can the actual Western powers do something to stop these terrorists or they have a reason for acting so slowly?

I am sure that after ISIS will be defeated many will ask the legitimacy of passiveness of the rest of the world toward millions of people trapped in cross fire.

The history repeats itself from time to time.
Humanity cannot learn the harsh lessons. After WW2 so many countries regretted their participation in helping Hitler, but it was too late. I wonder if  Western powers did not have the biggest contribution at formation of such organizations and if not more the we know in ISIS appearance is connected to oil business? The control of resource plays a important role in this conflict, and again Christians and Muslims are caught in this cynical war.

Since Satan took leadership of this world (to certain extent), we should expect that many things in this world will go from bad to worse. Humanity is incapable to keep peace even nations make every year different truces and agreements. After a while we find ourselves back in wars, back in conflicts. We see again and again tragedies at a global scale. That's make us cry louder; Lord Jesus come and save us, come and make justice in a such cynical world led and influenced by Satan.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Do Muslims have the answer to atrocities based on their ideology?

There are many debates in the West on Islam and its connections to atrocities produced in Middle East and North Africa. What is common in all these debates?

Firstly, most Muslim scholars don't admit the majority of atrocities saying they need to be documented properly and sources checked.

Secondly, most Muslim scholars don't admit that all Muslim criminals are theological inspired.

Thirdly, most Muslims scholars blame local governments for weakness and corruption saying that in true Muslim countries Christians would not be persecuted in any way.

So is that true?

Firstly, hello Muslims from all over the world. There so many cases that cannot be documented and checked because it's too risky. But media is full of video of people who flee from their home homes because ISIS or other Muslim criminal organizations. Only immigration is a proof that so many crimes happen in Muslim countries.

Secondly, most Muslim criminals say they do this for the sake of Allah and Muslim faith. Even those who leave Europe and fight in Middle East say the same thing. They claim in this way they found a sense in life. So again most of them are theological inspired.

Thirdly, simply it's not true, persecution exists even in well governed Muslim countries, like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Turkey. There is no Muslim country in the world where Christians are free except if that country has a secular leadership, in that case it might be easier.

For Islamic people the hardest thing to do is not stop killing although that's hard too, but to admit they do wrong.